Friday, September 24, 2010

Walk In Splendor

Created with “Walk In Splendor by Becca, available here at 9th and Bloom.
Just look at the description that my friend, Jenn, wrote for this kit!
“A gust of wind blows by, swirling copper, scarlet, russet and gold into a dizzying dance of blazing color. Nearby, a bonfire burns, leaves crackling, while the laughter of children rings out in the crisp afternoon air. Autumn is here in all of her glory- the crowning of the year, when pale spring yellows and summer greens give way to the rich jewel tones of fall. It is a time for hayrides, apple picking, bright days and cold nights. A time to gather with family and friends. A time to marvel at the beauty – and the bounty- of nature. Walk in Splendor will help you capture these treasured memories forever. “
I asked her if she could just describe everything to me from now on. Life would poetic and beautiful!
Anyway, this kit is gorgeous and I loved working with it. I got Gallery Stand Outs at DST for both of my "Walk In Splendor” layouts!
Here’s the second.
It’s titled, “Imagine” after the John Lennon song. Perfect title for Miss Emma, as you could totally say that she’s a dreamer. And that’s just the way I like her!

If  you follow this link to Becca's Blog, you can snag this absolutley divine cluster frame freebie. (Made by the uber talented Holly!)

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