Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Photos…Pittsburgh Trip…Children’s Museum

As previously posted, our family took a trip to Pittsburgh in July. We visited the Zoo, Children's Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Center.  A good time was had by all and we can’t wait to do it again. Follow this link to check out the Zoo photos that I’ve already posted.

So, it’s officially taking me weeks to get the photos from this trip posted and many of them didn’t come out perfectly but I’m glad to have them to help relive the memories. Today I’m adding a few photos that were taken at the Children’s Museum.





The museum’s temporary exhibit was about Curious George, which Seth and I are big fans of. It was cool!




The kids loved the  Gravity Room! The room and most of the things in it are tilted at a 25° angle to the floor, creating a sensory illusion. Your brain receives conflicting messages here. It can’t decide if it’s you or the items in the room that are not standing straight.

Unfortunately, I could only set foot in this room for about the ten seconds it took me to take this photo! This room caused total motion sickness for me!

1websmart-car The family, playing around in the Smart Car, in the Garage area.

Chloe, enjoying some arts and crafts in the Curiosity Lab.
1webjack-water-play seth dryers

Next we headed to the Water Play area. It was a big hit, even with the older kids. I love the expression on Jack’s face here. He is totally “into” playing with those toys!

Drying off with the hand dryers.

I love this photo of Miles exploring the dryers.


Hopefully, very soon I’ll post the rest of the pics from this awesome trip. We’ve still got the Natural History Musuem photos, with tons of dinosaur bones!

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