Saturday, January 29, 2011

Audrey in black and white

audrey feet   audrey sleep hand 2 audrey sleep hand 1   bw 3

bw 2IMG_4016_edit bw

and a few in color of my sweet grandbaby, looking out the window…

audrey window 1 audrey window 2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Emma

My poor Emma, my usually willing,  ever-present model. Today she was not quite as willing to put up with my snapping away.  This is what Emma wanted to be doing instead of letting me take her photo. (phone and IPod)

IMG_4424 IMG_4425

A little bribery worked to some extent so I’m going to post the shots I got . As you can see, I’ve got to work on not chopping her limbs off in photos but her limbs are just so darn long…they keep sneaking out of the frame! =)

orange emma 1 not bw copy orange emma 3 orange emma 4 orange emma 5 orange emma 2 not bw

Miles even jumped in a few shots…which is not very common!miles emma 1 miles emma 2

Miles pelting me with a snowball during our big storm today!

miles throw snowball

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A new canvas!

Tomorrow I’m going to order a new gallery wrapped canvas from Canvas On Demand Pro and they have a great way to show you what your canvas will look like, the Canvasizer.  Here are the ones I am considering for a 20x24” canvas…which would you pick?

 5e764769-5459-be2d-9b2f-7aa0c606d2f1  ec54c64e-4d17-5a8a-3b99-e35314662883 e35cb018-2738-286a-83a7-90e1d4acd8ce 008f110f-3f3b-72ec-f5f9-8de39d77d3dd 2e6baaaa-7ebd-7dd3-c86b-271444ca4386 038481db-b7dd-70b9-2e3a-1e7824f9ac6e 3f188275-ba50-c67c-4bed-b4e8e3bc42b2

Oh and wouldn’t this one of little Ashlyn look beautiful as a canvas!?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Innocent Wonder- I Heart Faces Challenge

Innocent wonder? When I saw this week’s theme, I knew I had the perfect photo for it! This is Miss Ashlyn Jade who is all of ten pounds and three months old. When I was taking her photos, I quickly learned that Ashlyn is absolutely in love with her hands! She stares at them with….get ready for it….Innocent Wonder! =)

print ashlyn loves hands

Join us at I Heart Faces for more Innocent Wonder.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Audrey’s Picture Day

Yesterday, my oldest daughter wasn’t feeling well so I kept Audrey. Do you know what that means? Lots of time to take photos of the prettiest grandbaby in the world! Now Audrey is the smilingest baby your ever met but when I got my camera out… the smile pretty much evaporated. She often just looked at me like I was insane! Either way, I’m so in love with these photos and so in love with Miss Audrey!

Audrey nakey 2 xrop Audrey green shirt 1 crop 2 Audrey nakey 1 bw Audrey orange chair 1 Audrey  tutu 1 2 Audrey green shirt 2 Audrey  tutu 2 tt Audrey  sleep 1

More photos to follow soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Emma Snow photos

I did end up playing with a few more snowy Emma photos and here’s the outcome. Not perfect but I liked them!

 emma snow 2 emma snow 3_filtered

I Heart Faces—Winter Wonderland

I had the worst time finding a photo for this week’s challenge. I only got one real keeper from the photo shoot I did of Emma the other day and I’d already posted that all over my blog. My goal this year is to try to take current photos for the challenges so I’m going to have to use that one photo. I decided to re-edit and re-crop it, just to come up with something a little different. Here’s my Winter Wonderland photo!

Emma snow i h faces haze crop1

I did try to salvage a few other photos from this day but I tell…shooting in the snow is hard! I may try again today if it’s not freezing! Here’s a link to the two runner-up photos for this challenge.

Join us at I heart faces to see all of the winter wonderland photos! ihf_logo

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow photo playtime

I had the brilliant idea that Emma should wear a flowing red dress with a red scarf and stand out in the snow…the wind blowing her hair, dress and scarf. Sounds good but it really didn’t work out. It was way too cold to catch this idea on film! Only one photo turned out half way decent so I didn’t have much to edit from this failed shoot…so I decided to play with this one pic and try some different actions on it. I haven’t played with actions in a while so it was fun!

Here’s the SOOC camera photo, not so great, huh?

Emma snow sooc

And here’s my clean edit, cropped, with a nice pop. I’d say this would be my final image if I was going to have one printed.

Emma snow fin less shadow

Now it’s playtime, where I tried the some different effects.Emma snow fin bella Bella Action by Pamela Topping

Emma snow fin Jewel Jewel Action by Pamela Topping

Emma snow finpw colorized Colorized Action by Pioneer Woman

Emma snow fin PW Vintage Vintage Action by Pioneer Woman

Emma snow fin pw heartland Heartland by PW, I don’t think I’ve ever used this but it’s interesting looking.

Emma snow fin pw 70s Seventies by PW

Emma snow finCS Coffee w cream Coffee and Cream by Coffee Shop

Emma snow fin cs choc bw Chocolate Black and White by Coffee Shop, this is my go to B&W!

So, which edit do you like? I’d love to hear anyone’s opinions!