Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bubbles and baby cuteness!

We haven’t had much of a chance to take Audrey’s five month photos lately. She’s been sick on and off and I’ve been busy or the weather hasn’t been right. So I suggested that we do a few bubble bath baby pics.  We filled the tub with tons of bubbles and plopped Audrey in. She was pretty amazed and mostly had an astonished look on her face in every photo. We did get this one good one though. Isn’t she adorable?

audrey tub 5 mon 8 10


audrey tub 5 mon new crop audrey tub 5 mon new crop ch bw
Here’s a different crop on this. And in black and white.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Photos…Pittsburgh Trip…Children’s Museum

As previously posted, our family took a trip to Pittsburgh in July. We visited the Zoo, Children's Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Center.  A good time was had by all and we can’t wait to do it again. Follow this link to check out the Zoo photos that I’ve already posted.

So, it’s officially taking me weeks to get the photos from this trip posted and many of them didn’t come out perfectly but I’m glad to have them to help relive the memories. Today I’m adding a few photos that were taken at the Children’s Museum.





The museum’s temporary exhibit was about Curious George, which Seth and I are big fans of. It was cool!




The kids loved the  Gravity Room! The room and most of the things in it are tilted at a 25° angle to the floor, creating a sensory illusion. Your brain receives conflicting messages here. It can’t decide if it’s you or the items in the room that are not standing straight.

Unfortunately, I could only set foot in this room for about the ten seconds it took me to take this photo! This room caused total motion sickness for me!

1websmart-car The family, playing around in the Smart Car, in the Garage area.

Chloe, enjoying some arts and crafts in the Curiosity Lab.
1webjack-water-play seth dryers

Next we headed to the Water Play area. It was a big hit, even with the older kids. I love the expression on Jack’s face here. He is totally “into” playing with those toys!

Drying off with the hand dryers.

I love this photo of Miles exploring the dryers.


Hopefully, very soon I’ll post the rest of the pics from this awesome trip. We’ve still got the Natural History Musuem photos, with tons of dinosaur bones!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Walk In Splendor

Created with “Walk In Splendor by Becca, available here at 9th and Bloom.
Just look at the description that my friend, Jenn, wrote for this kit!
“A gust of wind blows by, swirling copper, scarlet, russet and gold into a dizzying dance of blazing color. Nearby, a bonfire burns, leaves crackling, while the laughter of children rings out in the crisp afternoon air. Autumn is here in all of her glory- the crowning of the year, when pale spring yellows and summer greens give way to the rich jewel tones of fall. It is a time for hayrides, apple picking, bright days and cold nights. A time to gather with family and friends. A time to marvel at the beauty – and the bounty- of nature. Walk in Splendor will help you capture these treasured memories forever. “
I asked her if she could just describe everything to me from now on. Life would poetic and beautiful!
Anyway, this kit is gorgeous and I loved working with it. I got Gallery Stand Outs at DST for both of my "Walk In Splendor” layouts!
Here’s the second.
It’s titled, “Imagine” after the John Lennon song. Perfect title for Miss Emma, as you could totally say that she’s a dreamer. And that’s just the way I like her!

If  you follow this link to Becca's Blog, you can snag this absolutley divine cluster frame freebie. (Made by the uber talented Holly!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Skies

Just a quick post to show this layout I did with one of Emma’s new Fall photos.


I used the kit Autumn Skies, by DigiOverdose. Coming soon to Scrappity Doo Dah.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pensive to ethereal

Whenever I start to get worried about when and if I will ever get the hang of this photography stuff… I just spend some time taking photos of my kids.  There’s no stress about screwing up someone else’s photo shoot and I always end up with some photos that I adore! Maybe because my kids are pretty darn cute or maybe because I’m proud to have captured their uniqueness and beauty, even if the photo is a little technically flawed.

miles fair 1 mile fair 2 bw

I captured this small smile from my boy at the county fair and then this pensive gaze that so often fits his mood.

Now on to a full blown “Emma style” photo shoot!



emma-acorn Emma-swing-2 emma-tree-close-up

Monday, September 20, 2010


When I heard that the theme this week at I Heart Faces is Smirking... I thought for sure I'd use a good smirking photo of my dear husband. He's quite the smirker, let me tell ya!  But in the end, I had to go with this mischievous smirky smile that Miles was giving me here. I think he's up to no good!


Check out I Heart Faces to see a whole lot of smirking going on!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a surprise!

I just found out that I am the featured community member on I Heart Faces for the week! What a shock and a big honor! To top it all off, they complimented my photography and my scrapbooking, to boot!  If you get a chance, check out I Heart Faces. It's a warm and welcoming community and I've learned so much there in the short time since I've joined!

I just finished a layout with an upcoming kit from By Becca and oh how I wish I could post it already. It's the first Fall kit I've worked with for the year and it's absolutely delicious! I'll be sure to post it first thing on Friday, when the kit is released.

Here's a layout I made for Brittany and her family. I couldn't resist scrapping the senior pics I did for her.
Created with KimB's Colour Challenge posting gift and matching freebie from Chaos Lounge.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fix it Friday---Talon and his Truck

I decided to take a few quick minutes and do Fix-It-Friday on I Heart faces.  Today we’ll be using a photo by Angie Arthur. The photo was exposed for  Talon’s face which left the sky completely underexposed. The challenge was to do something about that sky! I thought I’d go a little dramatic on this one.


Level adjustment, up saturation, layer sunset over original pic.

Erase sunset from parts that I don’t want it on. But I left some on the truck and ground for atmosphere.

Saturate a bit again, sharpen for web and done!




talon truck

Join us at I Heart Faces for fix-it-friday fun!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Brittany’s Senior Photos

Well, now that I’ve had two cups of coffee and a donut… let’s see if I can get caught up on blogging here! (That’s right, I said a donut… I’ve fallen so far off the “healthy eating” wagon that I can’t even see the wagon right now. LOL) 

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of taking the senior photos of Ms. Brittany. She was joy to work with plus incredibly photogenic… so that obviously helps! Her attitude was wonderful even when we were dragging her through the river, backwoods trails and into an overgrown field. On to the pics!

web sizefield 1 crop Probably my fav of the day!

8 x 10 collage

A collage of Brittany and the infamous Gold Chair.

Let me tell you about this old Gold Chair. I saw it in a junk shop and thought it would look awesome in my office and fantastic in photos. I get this huge thing back to the studio and it won’t even fit up the steps to my office. So it sat downstairs by the front door, waiting for it’s chance to go on a photoshoot. And boy, did it get it’s chance with Brittany. The pathetic part is that I threw my back and neck out carrying this thing into the field. Well, carrying might not be the correct word. We were losing the sunlight so I basically threw this chair on my head and RAN through the 3 foot tall grass to find a good spot for it!

Here are a few outtakes of that in case you aren’t getting a clear mental picture.

Chair on my head chair on my head 2

Back to Brittany…

web sizegold chair backwards 3 web sizeRiver 4

web sizewoods 2 other crop  web sizetree arm 2

web sizeRiver bank web sizewood fence 1 web sizefield 2  web sizewoods 3

web sizebike 4 web sizerr tracks 1 bw  

And one more…

web sizefield  3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miles visits the Purple Fiddle

Yesterday we traveled to Thomas to watch Seth and JB Tenney play at the Purple Fiddle. I just knew that I was bringing my trusty camera along because that place is chock full of wonderful quirky furniture and fun photo props. As you can see by Miles' expression in this first photo... as usual, he was not sharing my excitement about all of the picture taking.

web sizemiles pf 1 redo










I love these vintage movie seats and the green ottoman!


web sizemiles purple bench






Miles, having a small rest after I’d exhausted him with my picture taking!







miles yellow chair one Miles sitting still for a few seconds

web sizemiles yellow chair threeweb sizemiles yellow chair two

web sizemiles steps 1 color pop web sizemiles steps 1 bw

I almost didn’t edit this pic because the focus is off but there’s something about it that I love. Maybe it’s the just the cool textures of the steps and wall. I’m not sure which I like better…the color or b&w version.

A few more and then I’ll quit…I promise!

web sizemiles eyes  web sizemiles mom reflection web sizemiles red door  web sizerusty frog

Some of Seth. I love the one of Seth smiling at Miles. He was actually performing “Miles Moves” right then, which is a song he wrote for our litte boy.

web sizemiles dad web sizeSeth Coffee web sizeseth one_