Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearts- I Heart Faces Challenge

Our instructions this week were, “Incorporate a heart (or multiple hearts) into your I Heart Faces entry this week. Remember that a human face must be clearly showing as well.” Well, I had planned to take some cute Valentine type photos of Miles this weekend but a three year old with a tummy bug does not make for good photos! Luckily, Miles was over the flu by today and the funniest thing happened on the way to Montessori…
I drove by this old warehouse building that I pass all the time and lo and behold, there were hearts spray painted on the door! I had never, ever noticed it before! Maybe they’ve been there forever and I just blocked them out or maybe someone just put them there? Of course, I had to stop and force Miles to pose (or what passes for posing with my camera hating boy)!

See more hearts at ihf_logo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Extreme Editing (or I’m bored and don’t want to clean house!)

My little Miles is sleeping on the couch because the tummy flu bug has bitten him hard. Poor little guy! This would have been the perfect time to get some cleaning done but instead I decided to challenge myself to a little extreme editing session. I delved way back into my photos and pulled out a real clinker of Audrey as a newborn. It’s underexposed, grainy, Red, blotchy and could have just been pitched but after fiddling with it for a long while…I think I salvaged it pretty well! What do you think? I would list my steps for fixing it but it was a long, confusing process!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Emma in Black & White

Yesterday, I gave myself a crash course in off-camera studio lighting. It’s always a pleasure to attempt to learn something new but I’m pretty sure my heart will be in photographing with natural light. Here are few dramatic black and whites of Miss Emma Lou.

emma lt ck 1 bw web emma lt ck 2 crop bw web emma wings 1 bw web

Yep…she has on wings…don’t ask! =)

 emma lt ck laugh bw webemma lt ck laugh 3 bw web

I have to tell you…this smile can just light up the room. Sometimes Emma completely overflows with happiness and I love to see it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Ashlyn Jayde

I didn’t get a chance to post more of this little sweetie’s three month photos and that would be a crime because she is cute, cute, cute!

print ashlyn red hat 1  print ashlyn red hat 2 cropped

print ashlyn no hat 2 print ashlyn no hat 1print ashlyn no hat 3

print ashlyn no hat 1 bw Love this in black and white!

print ashlyn tutu 1 vn  print ashlyn tutu 2

print ashlyn tutu 2 bwMy fav of the day!

print ashlyn blue band 1 print ashlyn loves hands

Ashlyn’s grandma ordered this in a huge metallic black and white and I can’t get over how Fan-Tas-Tic it looks!

  print ashlyn loves hands16x24metallic

A few more…

print ashlyn zebra 1print ashlyn bball 4 5x7