Monday, December 13, 2010

Pet Challenge at I Heart Faces

This week I Heart Faces wants to see the furry faces in our lives. So here’s our little bunny, Moose, when we first brought him home. He’s a mini lop-earred bunny but his ears hadn’t lopped over yet in this photo. I love his disgruntled expression…like he just realized what he got himself into by joining our family!


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Friday, December 10, 2010

Miles on a snowy day

A little collage of Miles on a snowy day. The crinkled up face is what he gives me if I ask him to let me see his eyes, of course!


Audrey at 7 months old

Here are a few quick snapshots that I took of my granddaughter last night. Isn’t she sweet?! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do some Christmas type portraits soon.

audrey piano 1 fin

audrey piano 2 fin

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Heart Faces Challenge…Self Portrait

Well, not my favorite type of photo to take so I’m going with what I’ve got! I took this photo with my little point and shoot when I was feeling inspired to make a scrapbook page concerning my thoughts on almost turning the big 4-0. So here I am…39.5 years old, sans make-up…au naturel.

self port sans makeup bw


And here’s the page I made and my little thoughts!


Journaling reads: "Time has wings and it sure has flown, It seems like yesterday when I was turning 30. If I had know the wisdom I would gain in the next ten years, I would have surely embraced that birthday instead of fearing it. Now onto turning 40, I’m feeling fairly comfortable about it. These photos of me sans makeup show that I have changed. I see forehead wrinkles, bags under my eyes, crinkly crow’s feet and even an age spot. Who is that 40 year old lady looking back at me? I hope that she is a woman who is graceful with her aging and grateful for the knowledge and confidence that she’s earned. So here’s to turning 40...may the next decade be the wisest, most considerate, loving, “smilingest”, proudest, most romantic and all around best time of my far!"

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Monday, November 29, 2010

I ♥ Faces Challenge… Scenic B&W

I haven’t entered a pic into an I ♥ Faces Photo Challenge in quite a while but I’m trying to throw one in there today. I actually don’t take photos of scenery very often, though I should because WV is an incredibly scenic, picturesque state.

Here’s one of the senior photos I took of the lovely Miss Brittany. The gorgeous scenery in the background is Pegasus Farm, one of my favorite places around.

field  3 bw 1

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Bloggety, blog

I haven’t had a spare minute to post anything lately so I’m stealing my chance now!  First of all, I’m totally excited to be seeing the new Harry Potter movie later today! (Yes…I’m definitely a big geek.)

Scrapbooking update…I may be officially over my creative slump. I made two, count them…two whole layouts this week that I actually liked! Whoo hoo!


Created with the brand new kit, Magic Moments ... By Becca. Available here [ link ] at 9th and Bloom



Created with Hold My Hand from KimB and Ruth Melody Designs at Memory Scraps [ link ]

Now onto photos, honestly, I haven’t taken any photos since Halloween. Bad newbie photog! I can’t really improve like that but I’ve just been focusing on trying to scrap. I did edit a photo from Emma’s Purple Fiddle shoot.


And b&w…


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Chapter of our summer Pittsburgh trip

These photos are from the last day of our trip we took to Pittsburgh. By this point I was tired of carrying my big ol’ camera around and there was bad lighting in the Natural History Museum…so I didn’t take many photos and the ones that were taken, weren’t great. But, hey…I’m posting some anyway!

Miles was extremely excited about seeing the dinosaur “bones” but when we actually arrived in that section, he was pretty scared of them!

natural history museum trex head

natural history museum 3 horn  

natural history museum trexbody

natural history museum trexdadmiles
Daddy protecting Miles from the dinosaurs.


natural history museumdino dig
Miles, digging up some dino bones.
natural history museum milesjack In the African Savannah, sort of.
natural history museum 1

natural history museum miles zebras

science museum sub

After the Natural History Museum, we went to the Science Center… where I took NO pictures.

Then we went to check out this submarine.  Pretty cool!

Love You, Chloe!


Scrapbook page just to tell Chloe that she is loved!

Created with Always by KimB



Women who I love and grandmother, mom and aunts.
Created with Love Grows Here
By Becca at 9th and Bloom.

Be A Prince, Not a Frog


Ten things to teach my son so that he will be a prince and not just another frog...
1. Say I love you, every day and mean it.
2. Admit when you are wrong. Then say you’re sorry.
3. Don’t be afraid to cry or be sad or be happy. Emotions are okay!
4. Anger is not the most important emotion.
5. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids are things men can actually do as well as women.
6. You are worthy of respect and understanding and you must give those to others, as well.
7. It’s good to just listen. You don’t have to offer a solution all the time.
8. Be affectionate. Hugs go a long way to making the world a better place.
9. Be respectful. don't yell at people. Don't call them names.
10. Care...about yourself and those you love. Show it.

Created with several kits from By Becca @ 9th and Bloom.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Photos

I have oodles of photos that I’d like to get the time to edit and post…but I never do! Here’s a batch that I did find the time to play with.

emma bridge 3 copy

Another one of Emma’s Fall Photos

lj and audrey_filtered
Audrey with her daddy, when she was 2 months old.

Miles aphgan f 
Miles…caught daydreaming.

miles park 1_filtered

summer chloe_filtered bw Our Miss Chloebug… I think I love the cropped one.
summer chloe_filtered bw crop 
emma tree 3 crop 2
I thought Emma looks too “angry” in  this one but she likes it so I posted it ! LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chloe’s Horseback Riding Lesson

The very first thing we did when we got to NC , last week, was to go to watch Chloe’s horseback riding lesson.  She’s been taking lessons for a few years and I was really impressed with her horse skills. We’re so proud of you, Chloebug!


Chloe and her riding instructor, who was so nice… she even let Miles have a turn on a horse!

Horseback riding lesson 4 

Horseback riding lesson 2 Getting ready.
Horseback riding lesson 3 Love those pretty blue eyes!

Horseback riding lesson 1

Horseback riding lesson chloe and dad Horseback riding lesson clean hooves

Taking care of  Pinto after the lesson, with Dad.

Hoof cleaning

Horseback riding lesson emma waiting Horseback riding lesson miles kungfu
Emma, enjoying the sunshine. Miles showing off some kung-fu moves!

Horseback riding lesson miles 2 Horseback riding lesson miles wave
Miles’ turn. I think he was trying to wave but got nervous.

Horseback riding lesson milesstephanie  
Steph, leading Miles around.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chargers Win!

On Saturday, we got to see Jack play in the first game of his playoffs. It was the Chargers against the Cowboys.

football game getting ready football game off to play

Suiting up

Jack is #75

football game jumping jacks  

Warm ups

football game dad watching

Dad watching
the game.                         
football game mom watching

Stephanie is a wonderful mom and is so involved in the kid’s activities.

football game winning

Touchdown…Chargers are on the way to a win!                 
football game after win coach talk

Miles joining Jack for the victory speech.

football game after win coach talk 2

Coach Mike Queen, congratulating his team.       
football game after win celebrate  

football game after win coach drench  football game after tired
  Jack is looking tired!

football game coach hug 1

Jack gets a hug from the Coach.       
football game coach hug 2  

football game proud dad and mom

Proud dad and mom, talking to the coach.       
football game after win emma  
Emma was so excited for Jack!  
football game after win sister hug football game leaving
A quick congratulatory hug  from his little sister.                                Time to head home.

football game leaving nap

Exultant and exhausted, Jack falls asleep on Chloe.