Monday, December 13, 2010

Pet Challenge at I Heart Faces

This week I Heart Faces wants to see the furry faces in our lives. So here’s our little bunny, Moose, when we first brought him home. He’s a mini lop-earred bunny but his ears hadn’t lopped over yet in this photo. I love his disgruntled expression…like he just realized what he got himself into by joining our family!


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Friday, December 10, 2010

Miles on a snowy day

A little collage of Miles on a snowy day. The crinkled up face is what he gives me if I ask him to let me see his eyes, of course!


Audrey at 7 months old

Here are a few quick snapshots that I took of my granddaughter last night. Isn’t she sweet?! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do some Christmas type portraits soon.

audrey piano 1 fin

audrey piano 2 fin

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Heart Faces Challenge…Self Portrait

Well, not my favorite type of photo to take so I’m going with what I’ve got! I took this photo with my little point and shoot when I was feeling inspired to make a scrapbook page concerning my thoughts on almost turning the big 4-0. So here I am…39.5 years old, sans make-up…au naturel.

self port sans makeup bw


And here’s the page I made and my little thoughts!


Journaling reads: "Time has wings and it sure has flown, It seems like yesterday when I was turning 30. If I had know the wisdom I would gain in the next ten years, I would have surely embraced that birthday instead of fearing it. Now onto turning 40, I’m feeling fairly comfortable about it. These photos of me sans makeup show that I have changed. I see forehead wrinkles, bags under my eyes, crinkly crow’s feet and even an age spot. Who is that 40 year old lady looking back at me? I hope that she is a woman who is graceful with her aging and grateful for the knowledge and confidence that she’s earned. So here’s to turning 40...may the next decade be the wisest, most considerate, loving, “smilingest”, proudest, most romantic and all around best time of my far!"

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