Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekend’s creativity….hhhmmmmm?

I should have spent a weekend on Fall cleaning (is that a real thing?) but instead, I mostly played with my camera, computer and Photoshop!

Here’s the outcome…

Audrey's 6 months scrapbook page…


Created with Who Gives a Hoot by Vonnie's Digiworld and Digi Overdose at Scrappity Doo Dah

I don’t know what possessed me to want to create a scrapbook page using photos of me without makeup and talking about how it feels to be turning the big 4-0 but here it is…


Journaling reads: "Time has wings and it sure has flown, It seems like yesterday when I was turning 30. If I had know the wisdom I would gain in the next ten years, I would have surely embraced that birthday instead of fearing it. Now onto turning 40, I’m feeling fairly comfortable about it. These photos of me sans makeup show that I have changed. I see forehead wrinkles, bags under my eyes, crinkly crowsfeet and even an age spot. Who is that 40 year old lady looking back at me? I hope that she is a woman who is graceful with her aging and grateful for the knowledge and confidence that she’s earned. So here’s to turning 40...may the next decade be the wisest, most considerate, loving, “smilingest”, proudest, most romantic and all around best time of my far!"

Created for the Battle of the Creative Teams at DSA with recolored pieces of kits from By Becca.

Here are the other two LOs that I’ve done for the BOTCT in the last two weeks.




We made another trip to the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV on Saturday. That restaurant and town are just chocked full of good places to take photos! I didn’t get too many keepers that day because of my current photographic issues (focus, exposure, etc) but here is one I liked of Emma.


And two more …



What would I do if I didn’t have my own little willing model in house? LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sneak Peak for Cheryl

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the photos I did for Cheryl to use on her upcoming CD. She needed pics of her, her duet partner (Jim), and some train themed photos.  Cheryl’s a beautiful lady with stunning coloring so she was a joy to photograph!

Cheryl-8_edit-fin-logo Cheryl-6-fin-logo

Cheryl-4_edit-logo Cheryl-and-Jim--4_edit-logo

train-5-logo Cheryl-train-1

Cheryl-11-logo Jim-1-logo Cheryl-10-logo


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carnegie Museum of Art

On to another portion of our summer trip to Pittsburgh! We made a very brief foray in the Carnegie Museum of Art . It’s adjacent to the Natural History Museum (which is the museum the kids where interested in!).  So we only checked out the Hall of Architecture. I’m glad we took the time to do that because the 140 plaster casts of architectural masterpieces from the past were incredibly gorgeous. They made me want to travel the world and see the real things!  Speaking of traveling, Seth and I are planning an overnight getaway to Pittsburgh, sans kiddos…. so that we can tour the whole art museum and we’ll also go through the Natural History museum once more. This time I should be able to read some of the information provided and tour the museum slowly, actually learning things as I go along!

museum miles look

Miles staring up at the architectural wonders.
museum angel wing bw

He was actually checking out this beautiful angel wing.


museum zuess face  
museum statue body  

museum statue face  
museum pic  
museum dance_filtered




Lastly, this is a photo of the kids taken when they started dancing the Hall of Sculpture. Emma informed me that she really needed a house that looks just like this!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Miles Many Faces

I was practicing with some new setting on my camera and to my surprise, Miles didn’t mind helping me out! In fact, he gave me a whole series of faces showing his take on different emotions.


miles face happ

I think we could label this one
fairly normal or happy!                 


miles faces

Miles rendition of “stubborn”. This is a face that comes incredibly naturally to my boy. He was certainly born with opinions and has always been able to let them be known!


miles face mad

A face that says, “YES!
Victory is mine!”
miles face scary

Possibly his scary face!


miles face surprise

Shock and surprise!
Miles’ new word is “shocked”, which he can’t really pronounce because he still says all hard C sounds as a T. He informed me that he was shocked that I got him Cars flip flops at Wal-Mart.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Bubbly Baby scrapbook page

Hi all! Here’s a scrapbook page that I whipped up with the photo I posted yesterday and a KimB kit.  I love using ultra girly colors and elements when making a layout about my sweet granddaughter.


Created with the DSO Bosom Buddies Pick Your Bits Collab, Elements and Papers by Kim B.