Monday, September 13, 2010

Brittany’s Senior Photos

Well, now that I’ve had two cups of coffee and a donut… let’s see if I can get caught up on blogging here! (That’s right, I said a donut… I’ve fallen so far off the “healthy eating” wagon that I can’t even see the wagon right now. LOL) 

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of taking the senior photos of Ms. Brittany. She was joy to work with plus incredibly photogenic… so that obviously helps! Her attitude was wonderful even when we were dragging her through the river, backwoods trails and into an overgrown field. On to the pics!

web sizefield 1 crop Probably my fav of the day!

8 x 10 collage

A collage of Brittany and the infamous Gold Chair.

Let me tell you about this old Gold Chair. I saw it in a junk shop and thought it would look awesome in my office and fantastic in photos. I get this huge thing back to the studio and it won’t even fit up the steps to my office. So it sat downstairs by the front door, waiting for it’s chance to go on a photoshoot. And boy, did it get it’s chance with Brittany. The pathetic part is that I threw my back and neck out carrying this thing into the field. Well, carrying might not be the correct word. We were losing the sunlight so I basically threw this chair on my head and RAN through the 3 foot tall grass to find a good spot for it!

Here are a few outtakes of that in case you aren’t getting a clear mental picture.

Chair on my head chair on my head 2

Back to Brittany…

web sizegold chair backwards 3 web sizeRiver 4

web sizewoods 2 other crop  web sizetree arm 2

web sizeRiver bank web sizewood fence 1 web sizefield 2  web sizewoods 3

web sizebike 4 web sizerr tracks 1 bw  

And one more…

web sizefield  3


  1. Candace, these are stunning! Brittany is a beautiful young woman and you did a great job capturing that beauty. I love the gold chair! It really pops with Brittany's deep purple shirt. The location and the light were gorgeous. Great work!!!

  2. Those pictures are great! I LOVE that chair! That was a great find!

  3. She is gorgeous. LOVE your chair story! So much fun : ) and HILARIOUS that it can't get up the stairs. It is a great prop for sure!