Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Well, we had an awesome trip down to NC to see Jack, Chloe and Stephanie. It was busy, busy, busy though and I think we spent half of the time eating! Yum!

I decided to post these pics from our trip first. Here’s Miles as Harry Potter, Jackson as a Police Officer, Emma as Hermione and Chloe as a 1920’s gangster…

halloween 2010 all 4 kids

halloween 2010 jack

Jack’s costume was so funny. I couldn’t even look at him without laughing!
halloween 2010 jack full lgth  

halloween 2010 emma 2

Emma as Hermione from Harry Potter and I have to say…she was the perfect Hermione!
halloween 2010 emma  

halloween 2010 chloe

Chloe was stylin’ as a gangster. She looked so cool!
halloween 2010 chloe full lgth  

harry potter miles 2

Miles was NOT in the mood to have his picture taken. In fact, the whole process made him cry!         
harry potter miles crying 3  

“Harry Potter”…sitting on his owl.                                                
harry potter miles 4  
harry potter miles 1 I adore this one. What a sweet little Harry Potter, holding his owl. I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in color or black and white. harry potter miles 1 ch bw  
halloween 2010 tommy

Jack’s friend, Tommy, was a skater zombie.
halloween 2010 sarah and mom

Jorgie and Sara
were a mommy and daughter witch. How cute!
halloween 2010 big group
A group photo, but we’re missing Stephanie because she was taking the photo.

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