Monday, November 1, 2010

Chargers Win!

On Saturday, we got to see Jack play in the first game of his playoffs. It was the Chargers against the Cowboys.

football game getting ready football game off to play

Suiting up

Jack is #75

football game jumping jacks  

Warm ups

football game dad watching

Dad watching
the game.                         
football game mom watching

Stephanie is a wonderful mom and is so involved in the kid’s activities.

football game winning

Touchdown…Chargers are on the way to a win!                 
football game after win coach talk

Miles joining Jack for the victory speech.

football game after win coach talk 2

Coach Mike Queen, congratulating his team.       
football game after win celebrate  

football game after win coach drench  football game after tired
  Jack is looking tired!

football game coach hug 1

Jack gets a hug from the Coach.       
football game coach hug 2  

football game proud dad and mom

Proud dad and mom, talking to the coach.       
football game after win emma  
Emma was so excited for Jack!  
football game after win sister hug football game leaving
A quick congratulatory hug  from his little sister.                                Time to head home.

football game leaving nap

Exultant and exhausted, Jack falls asleep on Chloe.

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  1. Great pics. What a wonderful game to be able to attend. Thanks for sharing!

    Tammie Jones
    (Kyle's mom #9)