Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Chapter of our summer Pittsburgh trip

These photos are from the last day of our trip we took to Pittsburgh. By this point I was tired of carrying my big ol’ camera around and there was bad lighting in the Natural History Museum…so I didn’t take many photos and the ones that were taken, weren’t great. But, hey…I’m posting some anyway!

Miles was extremely excited about seeing the dinosaur “bones” but when we actually arrived in that section, he was pretty scared of them!

natural history museum trex head

natural history museum 3 horn  

natural history museum trexbody

natural history museum trexdadmiles
Daddy protecting Miles from the dinosaurs.


natural history museumdino dig
Miles, digging up some dino bones.
natural history museum milesjack In the African Savannah, sort of.
natural history museum 1

natural history museum miles zebras

science museum sub

After the Natural History Museum, we went to the Science Center… where I took NO pictures.

Then we went to check out this submarine.  Pretty cool!

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