Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be A Prince, Not a Frog


Ten things to teach my son so that he will be a prince and not just another frog...
1. Say I love you, every day and mean it.
2. Admit when you are wrong. Then say you’re sorry.
3. Don’t be afraid to cry or be sad or be happy. Emotions are okay!
4. Anger is not the most important emotion.
5. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids are things men can actually do as well as women.
6. You are worthy of respect and understanding and you must give those to others, as well.
7. It’s good to just listen. You don’t have to offer a solution all the time.
8. Be affectionate. Hugs go a long way to making the world a better place.
9. Be respectful. don't yell at people. Don't call them names.
10. Care...about yourself and those you love. Show it.

Created with several kits from By Becca @ 9th and Bloom.


  1. I love you and I love your little prince.

  2. he still has a short ways to come with these lol but he's my favorite little frog around. :)