Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Princesses, Big Hair and Potty Training

Here are my recent scrapbooking layouts, on a wide variety of subjects!

Princess Chloe and Princess Emma
My Eighties Big Hair Days
Journaling reads:
My Life, 1989

My Friends
Aquanet, obviously!

Created with Ever After  By Becca at 9th & Bloom
Miles and the infamous "Jealousy Photo", taken shortly after Audrey's birth.

Created with Lady Bug Garden by Vonnie's Digiworld, Doodle Me This by Chris Greiser and Joy Alpha by Pixiemama, all part of the Chickadee August Grab Bag at Scrappity Doo Dah

Miles lovin' Audrey when she was a few days old.

Created with Lady Bug Garden by Vonnie's Digiworld

Potty Training Time!
Journaling reads:
Miles, you first started potty training before you turned two years old. You completely got the hang of it right away. Unfortunately, you then decided that you had “been there, done that” and quit! We were back to diapers for the next six months, until YOU decided that it was time. You quickly became very anti-underwear during your refusing to potty train phase. Once you got back into the game, you would only wear character underwear, backwards. That’s right...backwards. The pictures are on the butt and you wanted to see the pictures so you wear them backwards! You are so quirky and I love you very much!
Created with Potty Time by Vonnie's Digiworld and Dani Moy Designs

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