Friday, May 7, 2010

Fix-it Friday

Today's FIF photo was submitted by Leticia from Blessed With Five Boys. I'm supposed to be getting ready for work but I couldn't resist playing with this pic for a long while!


My many edits...

Basic edit

A soft faded edit...

And of course, a black and white...

And one more...I was trying to practice adding a texture and erasing from the image. I doubt that this is the right texture for this photo but it was a good one to practice on.

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  1. I love all your edits, but I love the first and the third ones best.

  2. I love your first edit and I like your attempt at texture. Probably not my favorite texture but you've done a nice job erasing it from his skin.

  3. I love your "Basic Edit." It is really lovely.

  4. I really like that third texture... That could work really well given the right photo.

  5. Love your fixes - especially the BW!