Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay...I'm back. Almost!

I've decided that I need to get this blog back up and rollin' so that I can post my weekly I Heart Photo entries here instead of just on Flicker. So by next week I hope to have done just that! But for now, here's my photo and flicker link if you'd like to comment.

This week they are bustin' a move over at I Heart Faces! The theme is "I Wanna Dance".

I have SO many photos of my Emma dancing over the years because my husband is a musician and she's been to 100's of gigs. This photo brings up some bittersweet memories for me...Emma was 10 here and still totally uninhibited, childlike and free. Now that she is almost 12...I don't know if she'll dance in public anymore. She been bitten hard by the "tween" bug. My hope is that she'll always be able to tap into the complete freedom to be herself... her laughing, dancing, beautiful self.

BTW, she doesn't normally dress like that but she was being a little performance artist that day!

Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more dancing pics!


  1. This pictures makes me wish I could still hula hoop. Love the colors. You have some nice scrapbooking layouts:-)

  2. I have a 12 year old. Definitely would not be caught dead dancing in public. Very cool picture though.

  3. Love it! Makes me want to go to a concert in the park.