Friday, February 26, 2010

Fix-it Friday

ime for fix-it Friday over at I heart Faces!  We get to work on this photo of such a little sweetie.  Her face is in the shade so my goal was to lighten her up without loosing the pretty blue of the sky.

Here's the original photo:

And here is my edit...what do you think?

 I probably should have cropped it in some interesting way but I thought the original had a great tilt to it, so I kept it.  Head on over to I Heart Faces to see some really great entries for Fix-It Friday!


  1. Very nice, I like what you did to it.

  2. I love how blue you kept the sky, but how much you lightened, lifted and sharpened Lilo up ~ beautiful edit! :D Thankyou!

  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I really like what you did with your edit. I especially love the blue sky; a blue sky always makes me happy, the way you softened the skin is also very beautiful ;D

  4. Good edit. Very clear and vibrant.

  5. Very nice. Great job on the sharpening and color!