Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Start of Something Big

I've decided that I should round up some pics of Seth and I and scrap those. We've been together 8 years and there really aren't that many pics of us. I know that's mostly my fault because I don't like to have my photo taken and I'm usually the one behind the camera. I usually focus on scrapping events surrounding our kids but Seth and I have a special story
that I should capture as well. The pic was taken near the beginning of our life together. We were on our first and only kid-free vacation.
I used the kit Always from Digi Overdose. It's a truly versatile Valentine's Day kit. You can even make a fairly masculine page with. You can find it here... Always
Alphas: Always Alpha and Hollywood News Alpha, both by Digi Overdose, coming soon to the ESS store. Overlay on photo is from Worn Vintage Photos II by Digi Overdose.

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