Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Miles woke up with his hair in this lovely disarray. I just had to take some photos of him. He didn't know what was so funny but he kept laughing because I was laughing!
This LO was made during our speedscrap last night on Just Mommies. Thank you Trish, for hosting the event...we all had a wonderful time!
frames by petit moineauxgold paper by Kari - RelocatedDixieGirl
stitches by Christie Lemmon Designs
newswpaper circles, arrow, circle frame in Lil'Meteorites Page Kit by Nicole Young
everything else by Irene Alexeeva from various kits
wordart by bethany

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  1. You've been tagged! lol - and no cheating!!
    Check my blog... ;)