Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet and Greet

We had the pleasure of meeting several of Jack’s friends and some of their families, last night.

This is really a wonderful group of kids!

web-boys web-IMG_4015 web-IMG_4024 web-IMG_4029 web-IMG_4030 web-IMG_4041

Family shots!web-IMG_4025 

 web-IMG_4031 web-IMG_4032 web-IMG_4036 web-IMG_4039 web-IMG_4040

Miles had a good time catching up with (and showing off for) Miss Sarah!

 web-IMG_4016 web-IMG_4018

I ended up having to put the camera away or I’d never have socialized with anyone! Unfortunately, I missed taking photos of Chloe and her friends… Samantha and Zoe (and their families).

We’re so glad that Jack & Chloe have such a great circle of friends.

Here’s my favorite pic of the night. Anyone that knows my dear husband, knows that he can be a little verbose! I snapped this photo of Seth in mid- “excited about music” conversation with some of the other parents. LOL


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