Friday, February 4, 2011

Emma in Black & White

Yesterday, I gave myself a crash course in off-camera studio lighting. It’s always a pleasure to attempt to learn something new but I’m pretty sure my heart will be in photographing with natural light. Here are few dramatic black and whites of Miss Emma Lou.

emma lt ck 1 bw web emma lt ck 2 crop bw web emma wings 1 bw web

Yep…she has on wings…don’t ask! =)

 emma lt ck laugh bw webemma lt ck laugh 3 bw web

I have to tell you…this smile can just light up the room. Sometimes Emma completely overflows with happiness and I love to see it!


  1. She is such a beauty, and you're right, Julia Roberts totally comes to mind in that big smile picture at the bottom. Stunning! I'm loving the two last ones mainly because there is zero shadow visible, it's what bothers me a little in the first. In the one with the wings the edge of the background is visible which I don't like but I love the angle here. You're getting better everyday and your daughter is just.. gorgeous beyond words.

  2. Wow! gorgeous!!!! I love the light and black and white fits these photos perfectly well :)

  3. Wow. These are great.