Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Emma

My poor Emma, my usually willing,  ever-present model. Today she was not quite as willing to put up with my snapping away.  This is what Emma wanted to be doing instead of letting me take her photo. (phone and IPod)

IMG_4424 IMG_4425

A little bribery worked to some extent so I’m going to post the shots I got . As you can see, I’ve got to work on not chopping her limbs off in photos but her limbs are just so darn long…they keep sneaking out of the frame! =)

orange emma 1 not bw copy orange emma 3 orange emma 4 orange emma 5 orange emma 2 not bw

Miles even jumped in a few shots…which is not very common!miles emma 1 miles emma 2

Miles pelting me with a snowball during our big storm today!

miles throw snowball


  1. You are lucky like me and have gorgeous models that live with you! :-) Rhe snowball fight is too cute.