Monday, October 4, 2010

Miles Many Faces

I was practicing with some new setting on my camera and to my surprise, Miles didn’t mind helping me out! In fact, he gave me a whole series of faces showing his take on different emotions.


miles face happ

I think we could label this one
fairly normal or happy!                 


miles faces

Miles rendition of “stubborn”. This is a face that comes incredibly naturally to my boy. He was certainly born with opinions and has always been able to let them be known!


miles face mad

A face that says, “YES!
Victory is mine!”
miles face scary

Possibly his scary face!


miles face surprise

Shock and surprise!
Miles’ new word is “shocked”, which he can’t really pronounce because he still says all hard C sounds as a T. He informed me that he was shocked that I got him Cars flip flops at Wal-Mart.


  1. These are seriously great - I see a collage!

  2. The stubborn one looks a bit like Jack.