Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Brothers M

I don't have much time to post but I wanted to share these pics of our Maynard Brothers. I don't know if you can tell but Miles absolutely adores his big brother. In fact, the only reason he sat still for these pics is because he was "copying" Jackson!
One more thing of note, I really need to work on my photography skills. My photoshop skills are coming right along but the actual picture taking....hhhmmm, not so much. I've been a little down about that but one thing did cheer me up. My pictures had been turning out kind of flat looking, no contrast and the colors were off. I thought is was just me but I finally discovered that my camera got switched to the "natural" color setting which is NOT what I want. Maybe I can get back on track now.

Our boys playing in the yard...dirt, sweat, grass and all!

I just have to handsome can you get! (About as handsome as Jack...and that's it!)

Look at those big brown eyes!

I love their big, happy smiles in this pic.  I shouldn't even share this because it's gross in a way that these boys love may look like Miles is giving me a thumbs up sign but in actuality, he has a boogie on his thumb and is showing it to me and cracking up! Gotta love Boys!

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  1. Adorable pics . . . those eyes on your littlest one. . . wow! You better keep your eyes on him as he gets older!