Friday, March 6, 2009

Such a Funny Boy! Plus some family news.

Miles just loves to make us laugh and he has quite a sense of humor! These pics are of him streaking through the house, bare naked with a diaper on his head. He thought that was totally hilarious!
Kit is the new Collab by Chaos Lounge and Melissa Daniels called Going Buggy. You can find it here.
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Other news...hmmm, let me think:
Miles is going to be tested for speech delays at the end of the month. He certainly is brilliant, so that's not the problem. He just doesn't really talk much. He has about 10 words that he uses and me makes those work in all situations!

Emma is in the midst of finishing up her social studies project. It's titled, "Half Man- Half Wolf, Legends of Werewolves". That's right, my beautiful little girl loves werewolves. She's such an interesting young lady. Oh....she also made the cut for Math Field Day again this year. I'm so proud of her!

Jess was in the hospital ER until late last night because she has a horrible ear infection. Poor girl!
She had to get a shot in the bum...Ouch!

And I've lost 2 more pounds this week! It's nice to feel like I can do this...I can lose weight in a healthy way and I can reach my goal! Hurray!

Bye for now,

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  1. Wow Can, sounds like you've got your hands full! Hey, will you tell Jess I want to come up when she graduates. Also I want to get started on Seth & the studios webpages in the next few weeks. I've been learning how to do a drupal page and most of the work we can do together! Start thinking of how you would like to see the pages laid out, and I'll show you some options we have next week.

    I'm glad Emma still loves werewolves! Tell her I have quite a pile of books waiting for her. You guys will have to come down and visit me this Spring or Summer, even Autumn can come if you want!

    I can't wait until Miles is talking so much that you're writing post about him driving you crazy! You'll have to let us know how his exam goes.